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University of Arizona Museum of Art: Other Targets Exhibition

Some of the earliest images of creatures, demons provide an introduction to the subject of

other. The leisurely reading of this type of imagery diminishes the influential histories of fueling

mass economical, political campaigns ending in massive societal inequities. The power of

prints and illustrations from the late 15th and early 16th centuries, mass-produced images of

exotic tribes, to current images of immigrant offer multiple windows to the employment of


Through the works in this exhibition, the artists examine intersections of the complicated

histories of prejudice, fear, fascination, social and economic underpinnings that mine the

permanent divisions between us and them.

The works also occupy a space of socially engaged art that is motivated to humanize issues

that divide our communities. All of the artists are committed to creative avenues to

witness the stories, experiences, and truths not of the artists, but through

the medium of exchange between artists and communities.